Deception Of The Soul



There is a danger of deception when a believer honestly desires a deeper experience, but is led astray by seeking "spiritual" Bible knowledge with their mind. They overly esteem their soul experiences and mistakenly perceive them as spiritual. They nourish their soul life rather than their spiritual life. This is a hindrance to spiritual progress.


The mind, emotions, and will are organs of the soul, not of the human spirit. When our human spirit is regenerated, or made alive by God's Holy Spirit, we are now able to commune with God spiritually, not soulishly. What, then, is the correct use of the soul which contains our intellect, our thinking processes? The Apostle Paul put it well in Romans 12, "Be transformed by therenewing of your mind......". Our mind is to be in submission to our spirit which in turn isyielded to God's indwelling Holy Spirit. God's work begins within the man, in this very center,and then works outwardly to transform the mind and the body of flesh. Satan works just the opposite, he operates from the outer to the inner, appealing to the flesh and the mind.


If a believer takes pride in what he knows about the Bible and likes to make a public display of his knowledge to impress others, he is in the flesh. God's Holy Spirit does not lead one into pride, which is the very essence of sin. To avoid this problem we must be very humble before God, and ask the Holy Spirit to teach us, through the Word, how to walk in the Spirit.


We do not become spiritual by exerting our mental powers or performing works of the flesh. There is a great peril in the Christian life that when a person is saved, he or she then remains a fleshly believer. Their spirit remains under the oppression of their soul or body. Although they have placed their faith in Christ, they have not placed themselves in obedience to the Holy Spirit. The Spirit alone can render believers spiritual.


Denial of the flesh is a prerequisite to becoming a spiritual Christian. Unless there is a fundamental dealing with the flesh, progress in the spiritual life will be superficial, shallow, and unreal.

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